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We craft the best Thor's hammers in the world...

Product Image thor's hammer "wolf and warrior"

Sterling Silver Thor's hammer pendant " WOLF and WARRIOR"


Gorgeous handcrafted from .925 Sterling Silver 1.235 oz (35 grams) THOR'S HAMMER Pendant "WOLF and WARRIOR". The size of this THORS HAMMER is 1.732 in X 1.27 in X 0.472 in. 

THOR'S HAMMER pendant "WOLF and WARRIOR" or MJOLNIR is always on the guard of his owner. It protects the physical and spiritual forces, gives power over the opinion of others, confers the ability to make prompt and rational decisions. The owner of this sign is by definition a morally strong man, who always protects himself or surrounding people and inspires fear in the enemy.

Thor is an ancient Scandinavian God, the eternal warrior and defender.

His hammer became a legend as a dangerous weapon, protecting the world of gods and men from the evil forces. Thor's Hammer has been used since ancient times for protection and patronage of the higher forces.

THOR'S HAMMER "WOLF and WARRIOR" Pendant has two sides. On one of them is the image of Warrior's head and six runes. On the other one is the image of wolf and six runes.
Three runes, which look like Lightning, located on the sides of the warrior head and in center  is "Sol" rune - the symbol of the Sun, the higher Will and intentions. Those runes help to see things in perspective and to believe in yourself.
To the left from "Sol" rune located "Teiwaz" rune, which means Warrior Spirit. It gives courage and bravery, helps to cope with any difficulties without losing the nobility and strength.
To the right
from "Sol" rune - another rune, called "Uruz". This rune means male strength and power to carry all obstacles, to fight for a place under the sun and survive in any situation.
On the handle of the hammer located rune "Thurisaz" , which does not allow you to plunge into hopelessness and indifference. This rune gives you bright and strong emotions, excites and action.
On the other side of the amulet on the sides from Wolf's head is "Tiwaz" rune , and below - "Mannaz", "Jera" and "Wunjo".
"Mannaz" helps strengthen the friendly ties and relations with relatives. This rune means unity with the world, creativity and harmony.
"Jera" carries changes, helps to develop and move forward, and "Wunjo" means joy and love, awareness and execution of desires.
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