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31 Jul '14

Thor's hammer

The name of the Thor's hammer - Mjolnir (or Mjollnir) is descended from old Norse Mjöllnir - "Destroyer", according to some sources Mjöllnir also translated as "Indestructible". It is a constant attribute of the Norse God Thor.

God Thor - God of thunder and lightning. He was the son of the God Odin and the earth Goddess Hoerdt. He was depicted tall and strong, with blonde hair and a beard. He travels around the earth and the sky on a bronze chariot, which harnessed by two Holy goats or rams.

Thor was married twice: first, on the giantess Jarnsaxa ("iron stone"), and then on the Golden-haired Goddess Siv. It was believed that her hair symbolizes the Golden ears and harvest. Thor had 3 sons - Magnii (power), Modi (courage) and Loride (ivery little was written in the Scandinavian epos about him), and one daughter - Garud.

Thor was highly honored in the countries of Northern Europe. In the Pantheon of Nordic Gods he is on the second place after Odin, although in Norway his cult was the main one. He is the protector of the World of Gods and Men from evil forces. In the Nordic myths evil personified in the image of giants with whom Thor was fighting. Hole settlements was called by his name. Also one day of the week is devoted to his name  - Thursday.

The origin of the hammer of Thor.

According to Norse mythology, Mjolnir was a gift to the Gods forged by to dwarfs - Brock and Cindy  This weapon is always succeeded, and like a boomerang returned to its owner.
Mjollnir could not only kill, but had an ability to ressurect. There is mention in the younger Edda of how Thor has killed his goats (Tangniostr) for meat and in the morning raised them up with his hammer

The meaning and use of the hammer of Thor in the countries of Northern Europe.

Thors hammer was widely used as an element of military magic. It depicted with swords and shields, the Vikings wore it as an amulet.
Small talismans - little hammers have been put on the newborn's necks, their heads were watered and a name was given to them. Also it was put in the posts that showed earth boundaries, and it was considered unprecedented blasphemy to get them out of there. As a symbol of fertility, it was placed under the marriage bed so the married could born healthy children.
Quite often, the hammer of Thor is found on the ancient stones with runic inscriptions. With sign of the Thors hammer was consecrated everything, what could need for the consecration: runes, temples, sacred drinks. This mark is called "Hammersmark" or "Torshammar". It is a simplified mark of the Thor's hammer - an inverted "T".
On some stones, you can find the inscription: "Thor, bless these runes".

The most interesting thing is that - what the walls of some English churches of later epochs in addition to the Christian symbolism was decorated with the hammer of Thor.

Thors hammer as an amulet.

Amulets in the form of the hammer of Thor (Mjolnir) extremely popular now.
The Thors hammer pendant usually made of bronze or Sterling Silver - these 2 metals considered metals of Thor: he went on a bronze chariot and ran his wagon with Silver reins. Sterling Silver, unlike bronze, more durable by nauture, and since ancient times it is considered that it could scare away evil spirits.

Thors hammer amulet gives confidence and strength to the owner, and also protects him. It is believed that Thors hammer pendant can protect from evil, witchcraft, evil forces and diseases. Thors hammer necklace can break down the barriers, clean, efficient resolve any crisis. Some researchers also attribute to Thor's hammer pendant the ability to manipulate time and it was a tool that can effectively overcomes obstacles.  That could explain the ability of the Viking's ships in the shortest possible time travel for long distances.